A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair – Madrid Nadcap Meeting 2018


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A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair – Madrid Nadcap Meeting 2018

01 June 2018

Hello, fellow Nadcap suppliers! In keeping with the Supplier Support Committee’s (SSC) ongoing communication efforts, this letter will provide a brief summary to all suppliers about the recent Nadcap meeting held February 19-22, 2018, in Madrid, and a look ahead at what is coming your way in London in June.

254 suppliers attended the Madrid meeting, 67 of whom attended the SSC general meeting Tuesday. We were very pleased at the level of participation; the number of people attending during the week surpassed all previous European meetings. Important news applicable to suppliers includes:

  • We have seen continuing unprecedented supplier attendance at our Monday morning supplier sessions. The SSC has most of our events on Monday morning when most task groups are not open to suppliers, and we schedule them following one another throughout the morning. This allows for fewer conflicts for suppliers attending Nadcap meetings. We will maintain this schedule for London in June 2018, so plan to travel on Sunday and attend the Monday morning events. Suppliers over the past year have found this to be very helpful; we are sure you will, too. Our general meeting remains scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.
  • We asked suppliers present in our general meeting what else could Nadcap do for them that they are not already getting from the program. We were pleasantly surprised by the interaction during that session, as we documented several items for the SSC Leadership Team to discuss.
  • There will be an enhancement to eAuditNet to allow multiple contacts for an auditee. This will allow information, changes to audits and audit response NCR feedback to reach a company even if the main audit contact is on holiday, ill, or no longer with the company.
  • Our latest Supplier Survey just closed at the end of February. Stay tuned for updates on analysis and action items gleaned from your responses.
  • Supplier events planned for June 18-21, 2018, in London, U.K., include:
    • A powerful line-up of events designed to provide information on the Nadcap system that will be particularly useful to new participants and first time meeting attendees starts at 9AM on Monday: SSC Leadership Team Opening Reception for all suppliers – chat with experienced suppliers and learn more about the Nadcap process, one on one – there are NO presentations; a Supplier Tutorial; Keys to a Successful Audit, shared by an experienced supplier; eAuditNet Tutorial, presented by PRI staff; and a training session on Supplier Voting Membership which summarizes the benefits and responsibilities of task group participation.
    • Our SSC General meeting featuring current supplier news and the final look at our new Audit Communications Kit. We have scheduled time for the NMC Chair, Richard Blyth of Rolls-Royce, to address suppliers. We will also hear from PRI staff on how the PRI London office provides support to European suppliers and a session on how to better market your accreditation. We plan on providing a report out on the ideas collected when we asked you what you would like to see from Nadcap.

Check back on the p-r-i.org web site to stay apprised of agenda changes.

  • As a reminder, minutes from the SSC General meeting and all task group meetings are posted on the p-r-i.org website – take advantage and review them if you did not attend this meeting.
  • To help keep you informed of checklist changes we are providing a list via email of those checklists which are being revised and/or balloted.

It is my hope that this meeting summary has been of value to you and has provided reasons for joining us in London – I hope to see you there! In the meantime please let us know how we may better serve you by using the SSC Request Form which can be found online at p-r-i.org.

Travel in on Sunday to take advantage of
Monday morning supplier events!

In your service,
Dale Harmon (Cincinnati Thermal Spray)
Chair, Nadcap Supplier Support Committee