New eQuaLearn webinar “Effective Aerospace Outsourcing” launched


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New eQuaLearn webinar “Effective Aerospace Outsourcing” launched

07 January 2015

eQuaLearn has launched a new webinar called “Effective Aerospace Outsourcing”. This course will be useful to companies seeking ISO 9001, AC7004, AS9100 and Nadcap accreditation. For accredited companies the course will facilitate continual improvement on these subjects.

The course content will be applicable to staff involved with quality assurance and control, vendor compliance, purchasing and production planning.

Course Topics Include:

  • What is outsourcing? Definition and criteria
  • Work Transfer. Definition and scope
  • Planning a systematic approach-
    • Quality systems requirements
    • Supplier selection
    • Commercial terms
    • Customer requirements
    • Risk management
    • Process validation
    • Verification criteria
    • Purchasing information

For more information, please visit the eQuaLearn website or contact