Nadcap Supplier Survey Results Announced


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Nadcap Supplier Survey Results Announced

09 January 2015

At the October 2014 Nadcap meeting in Pittsburgh, the Supplier Support Committee (SSC) announced the results of the 2013 Supplier Survey. This was the fifth Survey issued by the SSC, which has conducted Supplier Surveys biennially since 2003.  The Surveys focus on topics of significance for companies holding or pursuing Nadcap accreditation to gauge the state of the industry and identify areas where Nadcap stakeholder may contribute to continual improvement.

This Survey saw the greatest ever number of responses – 2,818 from 50 countries around the world, a 78% increase over the last survey in 2011. In addition, the 2013 Survey received the greatest number of non-US responses in the history of SSC Surveys, indicating the increasingly global nature of the industry.

86% of respondents were enthusiastic about the positives of Nadcap, identifying benefits such as improved customer satisfaction, improved process efficiency, reduced escapes to customers, reduced defect rate, increased revenue growth and improved first time yield.

Redundant audits is a key issue for Nadcap accredited suppliers, and the Survey results indicated that the efforts in this area had had a positive outcome, as nearly one-third (32%) have experienced a reduction in redundant audits.

Moving forward, the key action for the SSC from the Survey will be to focus on improving communication with the supplier base, as that was the number one area of improvement the respondents said they would like to see the SSC work on.