Nadcap contributes to Aerospace Safety, says Industry


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Nadcap contributes to Aerospace Safety, says Industry

08 July 2010

Does Nadcap contribute to the overall aerospace industry safety record?

According to a June 2010 poll conducted by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), which administers the Nadcap program, it does!

198 aerospace workers from around the world responded to the question “Do you believe that Nadcap contributes to the overall aerospace industry safety record?”.  69% of the respondents agreed that Nadcap does contribute to overall aerospace safety.

Arshad Hafeez, Executive Director of Global Business Operations & Corporate Strategies at PRI commented: “It is encouraging to see that the benefits of Nadcap accreditation are recognized around the world by people working in the aerospace industry.”

The results of this poll follow a more detailed survey conducted in June 2010 in recognition of PRI/Nadcap’s 20th anniversary on 15 July 2010. 1,151 people responded to the survey.

The survey results showed that the suppliers involved with Nadcap have significantly reduced their scrap rates, rework rates and escape rates. 35% have reduced their scrap rates; 41% have reduced their rework rates; and 44% have reduced their escape rates.  In the same survey, 54% of the respondents reported that their sales and/or ability to attract new business has increased.

One respondent commented: “Pursuit of lean manufacturing principles has been a prime objective across our site for many years. Although our special processes had previously been considered by our machining community as services supplied to support their activities (conventional machining), the Nadcap program has lead to increased respect & awareness across the organisation, of the supply requirements of these processes,” while another stated: “Our Nadcap accreditation is value added for our company.  It has assisted in standardization, increased profits, and increased quality.  All companies are looking for value added programs in this day and age: Nadcap is one that should not be overlooked.”