Nadcap Auditor Consistency Update


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Nadcap Auditor Consistency Update

19 November 2012

In order to enhance consistency between Nadcap auditors, a team comprised of PRI staff, Nadcap Subscribers, aerospace Supplier customers and auditors developed a plan and drafted a new procedure to institute controls and monitor the progress of auditor consistency. In addition to Nadcap auditors and PRI staff, thanks go to representatives from the following companies for their support and hard work on this initiative: AAA Plating, Alcoa, BAE Systems, The Boeing Company, Bombardier Inc., Honeywell Aerospace and Rolls-Royce plc.

A significant outcome of this initiative is the development of a standard initial auditor training & orientation program that incorporates training modules (along with learning assessments for each) targeting key areas required of all auditors (such as auditing skills, non-conformance writing, Nadcap procedures, etc).

Other key elements addressed in the draft procedure include: development of a standard data set used by Task Groups to identify potential areas of concern; recommendation for standard proficiency exams used to assess levels of technical knowledge in key areas; and recommendation for routine and “targeted” Nadcap Subscriber audit observations.

Scott Klavon, Director, Nadcap Program and Aerospace Operations, explains “For aerospace companies who do not attend Nadcap meetings or interact a great deal with PRI staff during the review of their Nadcap audit, the auditor may be the person they associate most with the Nadcap program.

“It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers receive a clear, consistent and well-rounded service. The auditor plays a crucial role in the provision of that service so their ability to do so is always a focus.

“This team represents a significant step forward in developing a standardized global auditor base for the Nadcap program.”