Industry Leaders Highlight MedAccred at MD&M West 2016

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Industry Leaders Highlight MedAccred at MD&M West 2016

12 February 2016

Conference attendees at MD&M West 2016 were given a compelling insight into the advantages of MedAccred, an innovative new industry managed supply chain oversight program. The program is uniting leaders in the Medical Device Industry who are working together to accredit suppliers to deliver better quality and enhance patient safety.

Executives from three of the program’s participating manufacturers presented a paper entitled MedAccred: Innovating Critical Process Manufacturing Oversight, as part of the Enhanced Quality Assurance and Risk Management track.

During the session, Robert Berger, Vice President Contract Manufacturing, Minimally Invasive Therapies Group, Medtronic, Ravi Nabar, Head of Supplier Quality Assurance, Philips, and Charlie Mason, Vice President of Medical Division, Sanmina, gave an engaging insight into the program. Together, they outlined the importance of the connection between the manufacturing process and the patient and described how MedAccred can be used to strengthen critical manufacturing process oversight through all tiers of the supply chain.

Charlie Mason of Sanmina spoke frankly about the challenges created by the way the industry currently conducts supply chain oversight. Customer audits can be a weekly, if not a daily event and in many cases they all address similar requirements. These audits can be redundant, costly and time consuming for both the customer and the supplier involved. Mr Mason commented:  “I believe the MedAccred model, which is based on a technical expert in the critical process conducting the audit to consistent requirements, will lead to a reduced number of customer audits for our sites and will reduce costs for us as the supplier.”

Ravi Nabar of Philips provided the OEM perspective on MedAccred: “Based on observed reduction in escaping defects over time from suppliers participating in the Nadcap program in the aerospace industry, I believe the MedAccred program if adopted and expanded throughout the medical device supply chain, will result in an overall improvement in the quality of critical to quality processes and purchased parts resulting in fewer defects and ultimately a safer patient. The structure the program provides will improve the flowdown of critical to quality requirements to our sub-tier supply chain for critical to quality processes and this will mean more compliant products and our requirements being met end to end.”

A number of companies including Solar Atmospheres, Synergy Health and Global Technologies have already achieved accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to quality and above all patient safety. Others, such as Sanmina Corporation and Hanson-Balk Steel Treating have completed audits and are in the process of attempting to gain full accreditation. In addition, MTD Micro Molding and BMP Medical have completed pilot audits which will be used to validate the plastics injection molding audit criteria and eventually will lead to full accreditations.