Free Training at the Nadcap Meeting in London, UK


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Free Training at the Nadcap Meeting in London, UK

15 March 2016

eQuaLearn will conduct training sessions free of charge on a first come, first served basis at the Nadcap meeting in London, UK from Monday June 20th to Thursday 23rd June 2016.

The following courses are already available for registration (Click here) – spaces are limited so register early to secure a seat:

Nadcap Audit Preparation June 20, 2pm-5pm / June 21, 2pm-5pm
Designed to provide a complete overview of Nadcap requirements related to the audit.

Root Cause Corrective Action Nadcap Style June 20, 2pm-5pm
Designed to teach participants how to analyse problems and determine long-term solutions.

Problem Solving Tools June 21, 9pm-5pm
Designed to teach participants to conduct a rigorous problem analysis.

Basic Heat Treatment June 21, 9am-12pm
Designed to introduce some of the fundamental issues related to Heat Treatment Processes carried out on a wide range of metals and alloys

8D Problem Solving June 22 (9am-5pm) – June 23 (11am-5pm)
Two-day course designed to cover all aspects of using the 8D methodology to contain, solve and eliminate problems.

Contract Review June 22, 9am-12pm
Aimed at people who manage contract review in the aerospace industry and those who carry out contract reviews.

Effective Aerospace Outsourcing June 22 2pm-5pm
Aimed at people involved with quality assurance and control, vendor compliance, purchasing and production planning.

Since 2010, the Performance Review Institute (PRI), the not-for-profit organization that administers Nadcap, has offered complimentary training to attendees at Nadcap meetings. For nearly six years, aerospace industry professionals have been benefitting from improving their knowledge via these training sessions, saving the industry over $600,000 in training costs.