eQualified releases new Titanium Alloys Assessment


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eQualified releases new Titanium Alloys Assessment

27 June 2019

A new Titanium Alloys Assessment has been released by the eQualified Heat Treating Review Board. This Planner level assessment will assess knowledge of industry best practices of titanium alloy heat treatment. This includes specific requirements related to the heat treatment of titanium and titanium alloy mill products (raw material), including wrought and cast products.

“Through my role as Chair for the eQualified Heat Treating Review Board, I have been directly involved with the creation of eQualified Titanium Alloy Planner Assessment. The assessment was developed via the collaborative effort of industry experts from multiple companies, and it also underwent a robust beta testing process to ensure it adequately evaluates a test taker at the appropriate level.“ Mark Emerson, eQualified Heat Treating Review Board Chair, Rolls-Royce

eQualified assessments are based on the eQualified Bodies of Knowledge, which are documents that detail the baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a targeted skill level for a specified process.

eQualified assessments are developed for use by aerospace organizations to be flexible and to fit the unique needs of each of them, including:

  • As a development tool to understand an individual’s level of knowledge in Titanium heat treatment
  • To validate an individual’s level of competency and identify potential areas for future improvement
  • As supporting evidence to compliance to AS9100 requirements or to demonstrate compliance with specific customer requirements, for example the Honeywell Source Certifying Agent Program.

For more information about the Titanium Alloys Planner Heat Treating Assessment, visit https://p-r-i.org/professional-development/qualifications/examinations/