eQuaLified Publishes the First Bodies of Knowledge


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eQuaLified Publishes the First Bodies of Knowledge

19 March 2014

The first four Bodies of Knowledge (BoKs – baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a targeted skill level) have been approved by the eQuaLified Management Council and will be used to create on-line examinations for qualifying special process aerospace personnel. BoKs were approved for Chemical Processing Etch (Operator Level), Chemical Processing Etch Inspector (Operator Level), Pyrometry Service Out-Sourced (Owner Level), and Pyrometry Service In-House (Owner Level). These BoKs are available on the Performance Review Institute website (www.p-r-i.org) and provide all relevant information needed to prepare for the corresponding examinations which are currently being developed.

eQuaLified has been created to address two major workforce challenges facing the aerospace industry:

  1. Global skills crisis and succession planning
  2. Ability to assess the special process skills of a global workforce to ensure consistent, high standards can be sustained

eQuaLified leverages the combined knowledge of aerospace industry experts from OEMs (including Honeywell International Inc. and Rolls Royce plc), airlines, suppliers, training organizations and other applicable industry organizations to develop and maintain special process BoKs and examinations. This will gage personnel subject knowledge and assess opportunities for training and development; together they capture the desired global aerospace industry expectations for special process personnel knowledge and competency.

eQuaLified is administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute, the same trade association that administers Nadcap.

Additional BoKs and examinations are currently being developed for Chemical Processing, Heat Treating and Composite Repair.

For more information, or to get involved, please contact hgodfrey@p-r-i.org.