Do you check your suppliers’ Nadcap merit status?


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Do you check your suppliers’ Nadcap merit status?

08 March 2010

If not, you should! A recent analysis by the Performance Review Institute, which administers the Nadcap program, revealed that suppliers on merit:

  • Typically receive three times fewer majornon-conformances in their Nadcap audits
  • Receive approximately two times fewer total non-conformances in their Nadcap audits

The Nadcap merit program exists to reward superior performance in Nadcap audits. Suppliers on merit may reduce their Nadcap audit frequency from every twelve months to every twenty-four months, generating a significant time, cost and resource saving.

The Nadcap Management Council, led by Mark Rechtsteiner of GE Aviation, has set a goal of 80% of eligible Nadcap accredited suppliers to achieve merit status. (Suppliers are only eligible for merit after two consecutive Nadcap audits).

Arshad Hafeez, Executive Director of Global Business Development and Corporate Strategies, Research & Development, at the Performance Review Institute states: “The Nadcap audit is a stringent process designed to highlight members of the aerospace supply chain with outstanding quality and engineering processes. Entry into the merit program represents an industry-wide recognition for those suppliers who really are the creme de la creme, as this report shows.”