COMAC subscribes to Nadcap


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COMAC subscribes to Nadcap

12 October 2012

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) of Shanghai, has subscribed to Nadcap for the following five areas:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Composites
  • Heat Treating
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Nondestructive Testing

Mr. Xu Jianqiang, Chief Quality Officer of COMAC’s C919 program explained: “Being a passenger aircraft manufacturer, COMAC is committed to provide large passenger aircraft that are safe, economical, comfortable and environmentally friendly. By subscribing to the Nadcap program, COMAC will be able to strengthen its cooperation and communication with the global special process supply chain, and therefore contribute to the continual improvement of the aerospace industry.”

Joe Pinto, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute, which administers Nadcap on behalf of the global aerospace industry, commented: “COMAC’s commitment to quality through Nadcap subscription demonstrates the global reach of the program and the value that it delivers to the industry. Participation in Nadcap – whether by a Supplier becoming Nadcap accredited or by a Prime subscribing to Nadcap – is a commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction. I welcome COMAC as a Nadcap subscriber and look forward to working with their representatives to continually improve the industry-managed Nadcap program for all stakeholders.”

There is a full list of Nadcap Subscribers in the Media Center of this website, under Key Documents. To view it, click on the Subscriber Matrix