eQuaLearn Summer Courses

31st May 2017

Do you need to prepare for an upcoming audit or do you need some special process training to expand your knowledge of Nadcap requirements?  eQuaLearn offers a full schedule of training opportunities in the summer months, June through September; have a look at our Europe and Americas schedule below. To register, please visit or […]

AMS 2750E Thermocouple Requirements Part 2 – Calibration Frequency and Accuracy By Tom Murphy

24th May 2017

As promised in the March 2017 newsletter, this is the second of three articles on thermocouples. This topic is also reviewed in the eQuaLearn Introduction to Pyrometry course. The first article mentioned how thermocouples work, how they are classified, and their calibration. This article focuses on the AMS 2750E Table 1 requirements for calibration frequency […]

LAI International Inc., Tempe AZ has become the first Supplier to be accredited to Nadcap’s Additive Manufacturing checklist, AC7110/14

15th May 2017

The Performance Review Institute is pleased to announce that LAI International, a leading contract manufacturer of precision-engineered finished parts, components and sub-assemblies for advanced industries, recently earned the first Nadcap Additive Manufacturing Accreditation. LAI Director of Quality, Joe Beauchemin Jr, stated ‘Having Nadcap Welding Additive Manufacturing Certification has improved LAI’s sales opportunity and reduced operational […]