Nadcap Welding Audits: The 3 Most Common Types of NCRs By Gabriel Kustra, Nadcap Welding Staff Engineer

28th March 2017

The Nadcap Welding Task Group analyzes audit data at each Nadcap Meeting to track the progress of the entire Nadcap Welding Accredited supply chain. This data is collected from all Welding audits within a specific time interval. Overall, the Task Group generally sees the average number of Non-conformance Reports (NCRs) written per audit decrease as […]

Building on its success, eQuaLearn enriches its offers in 2017!

23rd March 2017

eQuaLearn trained more than 3,000 participants in 2016 – will you be one of them this year? The eQuaLearn program offers Nadcap Audit Preparation, Special Process and Quality courses in a varied range of learning opportunities. For more information on eQuaLearn’s training opportunities, please contact a team member. New Courses As previously announced, eQuaLearn developed the […]

Free Training at the Berlin Nadcap Meeting!

20th March 2017

eQuaLearn will offer complimentary courses at the Nadcap meeting in Berlin, Germany on 5-8 June 2017. This complimentary training is based on a first come, first served basis. Register online now to secure your seat in Nadcap Audit Preparation, AS9100 Changes in Rev D and many more classes! All Berlin training courses are listed below […]

ANAB and PRI agree on a joint process to get both Nadcap Materials Testing Laboratory and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from one audit!

13th March 2017

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) is proud to officially announce its new agreement with ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). Being a significant step forward in achieving the highest aerospace industry standards meanwhile containing the audit-related costs, this agreement allows companies to achieve both Nadcap Materials Testing Laboratory (MTL) and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations through a single joint […]

AMS 2750E Thermocouple Requirements Part 1 – Introduction and Basics By Tom Murphy

8th March 2017

In the eQuaLearn two-day Introduction to Pyrometry course, the entire morning of the first day is dedicated to discussing thermocouples. While there are some limited alternatives, such as Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s) and even optical pyrometers, thermocouples are truly the basis of the thermal processing industry. If it were not for the relatively simple way […]

Industry Representatives Recognized at the Nadcap Meeting

2nd March 2017

At the recent Nadcap meeting in New Orleans, USA, the following appreciation awards were presented: For developing and executing practical training on Additive Manufacturing to the welding auditors: Jerry Hulin – GKN Aerspace Vukile Dumani – GKN Aerspace In addition, the following Chairperson and Leadership Awards were presented: Paul Woolley, Rolls-Royce Chairperson Plaque – Nonconventional […]