eQuaLified Offers First Globally Recognized General Composite Repair Technician Qualification

29th September 2016

The eQuaLified program is spearheading efforts to establish a robust and globally recognized system of personnel qualification for Composite Repair Technicians with the release of its first online examination: General Composite Repair Technician. This new examination is the result of a long term and very successful collaboration between eQuaLified and the SAE AMS Commercial Aircraft […]

eQuaLearn September 2016 Newsletter

27th September 2016

NDT AC7114 Checklist Question Part 2: “The Fine Print” by Linda Beene

23rd September 2016

As previously communicated in the June eQuaLearn newsletter, the second AC7114 change, Specific Examination Requirements, will now be addressed. The term “fine print” will be used to present my view on the requirements. Not surprisingly, the “fine print” is defined as paying attention to the “Compliance Assessment.” As mentioned before, I come from a family […]

Medmarc Recognizes Importance of Supplier Controls to Mitigate Products Liability Risks

14th September 2016

Medmarc, a leading medical device industry insurer specializing in product liability risks facing medical technology and life science companies, has outlined how it believes programs like MedAccred’s critical process supply chain accreditation system are helping the medical device industry to establish, according to Medmarc, “better supplier controls” which “could, over the long term, result in fewer recalls, […]

The Science and Engineering of Anodizing by Bill Corcoran

7th September 2016

Aluminum is and has been an essential metal in the aircraft industry. Aluminum has been used in blades, seats, cowlings, castings, foils, skins, frames, fittings, beams, tracks, etc. The list is endless.  In order to use aluminum effectively and successfully the most common treatment of aluminum is anodizing. There are other surface finishing techniques and […]

eQuaLearn launches new courses in Italian and Spanish

1st September 2016

eQuaLearn strives to meet suppliers’ needs and expectations when it comes to professional training by offering a range of courses in a number of native languages. Offering eQuaLearn courses in a native language enables the attendee to fully take in the information delivered in training and provide a better understanding of how to prepare for […]