MedAccred reviewed by The GMP Letter

14th July 2015

Devicemakers Forge Program To Accredit Global Suppliers   As global outsourcing has made managing supply chains more difficult, a group of 12 devicemakers has taken matters into its own hands to develop a supplier accreditation program to ensure quality and to be a step ahead of FDA inspectors. The goal of the program, called MedAccred, is […]

A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair

9th July 2015

The June 2015 Nadcap meeting in Montreal concluded on June 25, with total supplier attendance of 228. I’m sending this overview of SSC and other meeting activities to brief those who could not attend. Also, for attendees, we hope to support your efforts in briefing your management and showcasing the value of continued attendance. Of […]

MedAccred and the FDA

9th July 2015

Since MedAccred was established, the MedAccred Management Council has pro-actively sought to keep the FDA updated on the program’s development. Briefings have been held with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health’s (CDRH) Office of Compliance and the FDA’s Office of Global Operations within the Office of the Commissioner. The program purpose and scope was […]

Meet the MedAccred Task Groups

9th July 2015

The MedAccred Task Groups form the technical backbone of the program.  A Task Group is created for each critical process technology in which representatives from the MedAccred Management Council (MMC) wish to perform audits.  Participating companies (OEMs, contract manufacturers and suppliers) nominate internal staff with an expert level of knowledge for each critical process to […]

Meet MedAccred

1st July 2015

MedAccred Management Council Meetings:   Throughout the year, the MedAccred Management Council (MMC) holds regular teleconferences and face to face meetings.  Currently the meetings are open for any interested party to attend and the MMC strongly encourages anyone who would like to know more about the program to participate: MMC Teleconference – August 6 2015 […]

What has Nadcap done for the aerospace industry?

1st July 2015

In July 2015, it will be 25 years since Nadcap launched.  Nadcap has steadily grown to become the premier cooperative industry program for improving aerospace manufacturing processes around the world. To mark the occasion, the Performance Review Institute* has compiled data to highlight five ways that the program has benefited the industry participants. 1. Nadcap […]