Building Internal Support for Nadcap

27th September 2012

A Nadcap audit – like any other major project – does not just happen. There are months of preparation involved; in fact, PRI advises that you take at least nine months to prepare for an audit. This is because there are many elements and each one takes time and may require additional training and equipment. […]

Over 500 Aerospace Special Process Experts to Attend Nadcap Meeting

18th September 2012

With 5 weeks before the Pittsburgh Nadcap meeting (October 22nd – 26th), there are already over 500 delegates registered to attend. Nadcap takes an inclusive approach with aerospace Primes and Suppliers contributing to audit checklist and procedural discussions. Nadcap meetings are the main forum for these open discussions. Nadcap meetings offer a great opportunity for […]

Nadcap Supplier Perspectives on the Globalization of the Aerospace Industry

3rd September 2012

At the June 2012 Nadcap meeting held in Berlin Germany, Supplier Support Committee (SSC) Chairperson Eric Jacklin (F.M. Callahan & Sons Inc.) met with Claude Chambon (Aubert & Duval) and Yoshiomi Sukesada (Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo Inc.). They discussed their thoughts on the topic of globalization. Click here to learn more

Nadcap Meeting Attendance – To Attend Or Not To Attend

1st September 2012

Nadcap audits are a requirement which most companies that perform aerospace work in the special process arena have to deal with. Nadcap audits are work intensive, time consuming, costly and something to which most of us do not look forward. You probably invest at least three weeks in the pre-audit activities and close to a […]