Aerospace: 4 out of 10 plan retirement within 5 years

22nd June 2010

A May 2010 poll conducted by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), which administers the Nadcap program, shows that 40% of the respondents around the world are planning to retire within the next five years. 215 aerospace workers participated in the poll, which posed the question “Are you planning to retire within the next 5 years?” […]

PRI/Nadcap 20th Anniversary on 15 July 2010

15th June 2010

On 15 July 2010, PRI/Nadcap celebrates its 20th anniversary. The focus of the last two decades has been on continual improvement of aerospace special process and product quality control. Mark Rechtsteiner of GE Aviation is the current Nadcap Management Council Chairperson. He explains: “The Nadcap Management Council has maintained operational metrics since 2003 to drive […]